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Coming Up!!

Family Fellowship Dinner (February)

We are getting excited (& hungry…) for our next Family Fellowship Dinner this Sunday at 5pm! We are going to spend some time enjoying a meal together, and these evenings are an incredible opportunity to build relationships with one another outside of the Church. Our theme for this Month’s meal is Asian—so bring your favorite Homemade or Takeout Asian dish and join us for a family Dinner!

Following the meal, we are going to have a Family Chat, so if you’re a member of our Family, plan on being there as we discuss things which are important to our Church as a whole! We are going to be discussing some of the changes which have been happening here at Harvest, and we want to make sure our family is aware and able to ask questions about the direction going forward!
Plan to join us on Sunday at 5pm!

Youth Retreat

If you know a High Schooler—you’re going to want to sign them up to join us for our Youth Retreat coming up the weekend of March 22-24!

Our FLUID Youth Retreat is a student-led retreat where High School students (Grades 9-12) will be able to grow in their relationship with God and one another during a weekend spent here at the Church. They will learn from other students on how to grow in their relationship with Jesus (through Prayer, the Bible, and other topics). They will also spend time in discussion with one another, building new friendships and strengthening friendships they already had with other students.

Retreat weekends offer an opportunity to ‘unplug’ from normal life and be able to focus on the Lord and what He is calling us to do. High School is a crucial time of life where we have the opportunity to choose our life’s path. If you have a High School student, give them the blessing of a weekend focused on following the path of walking with the Lord!

You can click the button to signup your student below!

Sign up for our High School Youth Retreat (Grades 9-12)

Parking Setup

With the change in schedule this past Sunday, there were so many exciting things which happened among the Church family (you can read more about those below…)! One thing we did notice, however, was the congestion of the Parking Lot made it difficult for Visitors and our Senior Saints to find a Parking spot up in our front lot.

So, I wanted to send out a request in hopes of serving our new and/or elderly neighbors. If you are an able-bodied driver, I’m asking that you drop your family off at the front of the building (if necessary), and then park your car in the Rear or Side Parking lot before entering the building. We will have the building opened and unlocked for those attending our 9am Discipleship hour, so that you should be able to find a spot, and leave open a spot for someone who isn’t able to use the steps on our rear entrance!

Thank you for your consideration, and thank you for loving your neighbor as yourself by taking a back or side lot parking spot!

Looking Back

Bible Study

This past Sunday morning was the first Sunday of our new 1 service format, and the first Sunday of our Discipleship hour Bible Study! We weren’t sure exactly what to expect for this study (as 9am can be early to be cracking open a Bible—even on Sunday! Ha), but once the doors were open for the Study people flooded our Harvest Kids K-3 classroom until it was packed!

John Bollman led a group of approximately 40 people in a Bible study discussing ‘Who is God?’ regarding the characteristics of our Creator and Savior. The room full of people eager to hear from the Word of God was tremendously encouraging and spoke volumes of how hungry our Church family is to learn more about our God and His will for our lives!

If you didn’t get a chance to join us this past Sunday, we are making more ‘room’ for you this Sunday! Please, plan on joining us at 9am for our Discipleship Hour Bible Study, and grow in your understanding of God’s will for your life!

United Service

After our first morning Bible study this past Sunday, we had the privilege of joining together to Worship the Lord for a single service at 11am. Just like our Bible Study, we worshipped the Lord in a packed room together, singing the praises of our Savior who is exalted over all!

Pastor Randy delivered a message which challenged everyone to look at where our hearts have been tainted by the desire to focus on the negative and judge others for the things of the past rather than taking the ‘495 it’ approach and leaving it behind as the Lord has told us will lead to healing and grace in our own hearts.

(PS Pastor Randy was battling illness this Sunday, but preached through it because he was convinced of the need for this message this week—and boy was it needed! Please, take a moment to thank the Lord for your Pastor and pray for his health this week!)

It was an incredible experience to be able to worship together as one this past Sunday, and we are excited to see the Lord uniting us as a Family here. If you didn’t get to join us for Church service this past Sunday, plan on joining us this Sunday at 11am!

Thanks for checking out Harvest Happenings! Come back next week to keep up on what God’s doing here at Harvest!Geary Lutz

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