Associate Pastor

I grew up in Northeast Ohio (in this very church!) and had a home with parents who did their best to model godliness for their children through active involvement in church life.

I asked the Lord to be my Savior at age 8 while at church. Despite this young profession, I rebelled internally against what I was taught, and pursued whatever would bring me momentary joy—until the Lord humbled me and pulled me back from my rebellion through His Word and His people.

While in the middle of this rebellion, the Lord still showed His grace in my life in many ways. One of the greatest was that He provided a beautiful wife (Nicki) in 2006 who has been a true partner in my life and ministry.

After my faith crisis, the Lord began to revive my love for Scripture and grew in me a strong desire to make God’s Word known to His people. I enrolled at Liberty University and continued to work ‘in the trenches’ among the youth at Lake Ridge Church now Harvest Bible Chapel throughout my schooling.

I was privileged to join full-time as Associate Pastor in August 2016 I have been blessed deeply by the community that exists and the ministry which takes place at Harvest Bible Chapel Cleveland Northeast.